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Monthly Floral Project

I am challenging myself this year, to create one floral display every month, using anything I like and any style I choose. This sounds a little strange as I’m sure everyone thinks that’s what I’m doing all the time, but it really isn’t. Flowers are my product and they cost me money to grow, cut and create, therefore I get a bit anxious when I use them without an end result! Which again, sounds silly, but it’s true! I’m trying this year to create one bouquet or floral design each month that is 100% British and 100% me, no wedding themes to conform to, no time limits or colour pallets, just how I’m feeling, what is growing and what ever I want to do! This fills me with excitement and also my crazy planning brain is whirring, how am I going to style these flowers? How do I want to capture my images of them? With a model, with food, in the out doors? All these elements to think about brings me back to my Art college days, having a project to work on and an outcome to focus my designs on. Now I have more time to be a florist I might as well make sure I enjoy the creative process, think creatively and develop my style and skills.

This month, February, you would look out at the plot and think that there is nothing out and all you’d be left with is wet twigs! And to be fair, that does feel like the vibe this month has given, with the cold weather, dark mornings and endless snow flurrys, we’ve been lucky to get out to the plot at all. For this, a simple bouquet, I used some beautiful fern, turning brown in places, oozing vibrant green in others, some budlia, gone over to brown but with glorious frosty leaves, dark brown and crunchy sedum, collected from the chucking pile, and yes, some wet twigs (you can’t blame me, I love twigs!). I then added some dried flowers in shades of white, pink and purple, all looking like stars against a dark green back drop. We grew the flowers in the summer and picked and dried them for over winter for our wreaths and other arrangements. I love the papery feel of the petals and the sound they make when you brush them through your fingers, like little whispers.

So, I don’t want to use the phrase ‘launch’ because I think I have always offered this type of service, just without putting a label on it, but I want to show people that celebrating the seasons is a fantastic way to go with your wedding flowers! I will be offering a new ‘package’ so to speak, that is 100% British flowers, any colour and style, ready for collection the day before your wedding or event. There will be no minimum spend and all bridal party and table décor will be available, using my signature wild and natural design style, our beautiful seasonal blooms will make your day so special.

I want to celebrate the seasons with you on your wedding day!

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