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2018... The Best is Yet to Come

We’ve eaten all the chocolates, downed the last of the mulled wine and we’re ready to take on 2018!!

We’ve got so many exciting things coming up this year, a few fun announcements in the next week or so and loads of lovely couples to work with. But first, we thought we’d share some of our New Years Goals (I don’t like ‘resolutions’ it sounds like some sort of ‘diet’) :

  1. More Wonderful Workshops.

We enjoyed hosting our Christmas workshops so much that we have decided to create a whole new program of seasonal sessions for anyone who wants to learn, create and have fun with us. We will be releasing some details and dates next week, followed by more to come as the year develops. We will also be offering private workshops for parties and groups to any one who is interested, please get in touch for more details on this!

2. To Carry on Learning.

Our journey to today has taught us so much, and we’re so excited to keep pushing boundaries and learn new techniques, new styles using different flowers, vessels and venues. We love looking at new trends and tailoring the flowers we grow to meet the needs of our customers, celebrating their love stories and getting creative with everything we do. Look out for more beautiful blooms, shoots and weddings!!

3. To Enjoy and Explore.

If you saw our last post you will see that our head designer Marianne is now working full time for Frances and Rose, so expect many more adventures into the garden and beyond as we work hard to document our journey through the seasons. We will be enjoying our lovely part of the world (Derbyshire), exploring places further afield, visiting friends and finding as many pretty gardens as we can to take inspiration from! If you have any ideas of places we MUST see this year, we'd love to hear from you.

4. Share the FUN!

Whether it's a cuppa and cake or a new flower to get excited over, what’s the point if you’re not having a laugh along the way! Please join us in 2018 as we share more of our world with you, showing you all what we do and love.

Make sure you're following us over on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest and you can sign up to our News Letter on our Home Page and never miss a second of our adventure!

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