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Flowers From the Farm: My First Meeting

I've let the blogging what else is new! I've never been good at this, but I have come home from my first ever meet up with Flowers From the Farm and am inspired to try and get back into it and to really get stuck into my business. I have so much passion for British flowers and I want so badly to grow (excuse the pun) my business so I can feel pride and pleasure in what I do! The opportunities our new plot is extending to us seem a little daunting, but seeing Field House Flower plot today gave me an insight into what is possible with time and much hard work. I also received some amazing business advice, just tips here and there really, but it's given me the nudge I've been unconsciously waiting for to go and really grab this business and go for it.

So I am going to be better at planning, more active on social media, more bold and brave and intrepid in my business practices and in general, a winner.

Please visit these amazing sites for more information:

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