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A Reminder That Spring Will Come

When the days are dark and the sun rarely pokes its head out from behind a grey cloud, its difficult to remember what summer is even like! Will it ever be warm again?! Fortunately there are now little hints of spring popping up all over the place and I can't wait to start stirring the plot into action.

I was recently reminded of a wedding from last April when the bride sent me some stunning photos by the super talented Tony at Photography 34 . The floral request was fresh spring greens and whites and soft yellow colours with hints of blue from bluebells. Many of the bluebells were lovingly supplied by the brides mother and bought to us the morning of the wedding, freshly picked. It was such a lovely gesture and I think the blues really brought the bouquet to life. The bride also gave us a sheath of corn grown on her parents farm, the couple both come from farming backgrounds and we put handfuls of this into the table centres. Another extra sweet little touch from their love story.

I love getting special stories and tokens from my couples to add into their wedding day. I found out recently that the Tulip means 'perfect love', it has just boosted my love for this beautiful flower even more! I can't wait for ours to start popping up and making me smile.

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