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A Green Walk

Today I met the most amazingly interesting couple who are marrying in March. They have flown all the way from the other side of the world in Australia to wed in the beautiful Peak District and had such a lovely ethos and outlook on life and weddings! I could have spoken to them all day, and I can't wait to work with them on what sounds like the most relaxed and quirky wedding I've worked on.

I met them in the town of Buxton, a place I know well from my youth. I have made fewer and fewer trips to the town since moving to Sheffield and so treated myself to a little wonder around after my meeting. Originally a Spa Town, Buxton has beautiful buildings, a world famous Opera House and the Pavilion Gardens, a picturesque tunnel of tropical greenery which harks back to the Victorian days. I loved being amongst so much lush greenery, when outside is still so brown and waiting to spring into life! I took a few snaps of the plants, the building and the blue blue sky on a crisp February day.

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