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New Beginnings

So a New Year has started and (I don't know how?!) we're a whole month in! This weekend was a the first wedding of the year, seeing Jenny marry her love Pete on a frozen, misty Friday at Wortley Hall in Sheffield. It was my first visit to this venue and I thought it was truly beautiful! My business partner (mum) is currently away in South Africa enjoying some well earned time off and this was my first wedding, working alone! The work load was much more manageable than I thought (I CAN DO IT) but it was quite a lonely few days. I must say, I love our little team...and the comfort of a positive word or two!

It has been a month of new enquiries and planning. With the plot finally ours to work on, bulbs setting off on their journey to bloom and our new website launching after a winter spent working on it, there are lots of exciting new beginnings to look forward to. Blogging has never been a strong point for me but I really want to change that, I love the idea of documenting my life and my journey, the vehicle of growing, cutting and arranging flowers seems a good place to start! So here's to 2017, a whole expanse of opportunity lying before us all!

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