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I was so happy to be asked to do the flowers for an old friend this May. I’ve known Hannah since the age of about 14 from secondary school and it was so lovely to hear she’d gotten engaged and then even MORE lovely when she asked me to do the flowers.

We discussed the colour scheme, which was to be pastel colours to go with the country fete type day she had planned. The bridesmaids wore a beautiful teal blue colour which really made the flowers stand out and the bridal bouquet was pale pinks and greens using a wealth of tulips to create a beautiful frilly, delicate look.

We used gigantic cider jars for the table centres with other jars around them which added interesting heights to the marquee in which they were holding the reception.

It was a lovely feeling handing over the flowers on my friends big day, giving her a hug and telling her she looked beautiful…which she di

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