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I have never been good at blogging, I have tried numerous times to be good at blogging, each time to inevitably fail and subsequently have a litter of one post blogs lurking around in the depths of the internet. But this wont be one! I have finally found a subject worth blogging about and a wealth of material lays before me!

It’s the perfect time to start with this very post as the last weekend saw the first blooms of the year come out of our very damp garden. Not wanting to miss a thing since moving out of my family home I attend regular ‘business meetings’ with my mother and cat (drinking tea, gardening and planning mainly) so this weekend we ventured outside in the pouring rain to see what we could gather.

There’s a funny feeling of preciousness I get when about to chop a flower in bloom, it’s worked hard to get to this point, who am I to end its career. Yet, what will it do out there? Nothing. What will it do in my hand, in a bunch, in a vase in the kitchen?…It will be admired! So I went for it. We gathered some beautiful hellebores and daffodils, along with extra foliage and my favourite, a few budding twigs. It’s amazing what you can collect when you look out in the mud and damp and think there is nothing! So it was partly an experiment on what we would be able to achieve with 100% British grown flowers at this time of year, mainly it was an excuse to to do what I love! Creating a lovely posey, photographing it, looking at it, loving it.

So, my first post, my first bunch of flowers in 2015. Let’s hope as the flowers keep coming I will continue to talk about them…I will try!

Marianne x

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