Peak District,


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Marianne is the driving force behind the business and has been building on her design and art background since establishing Frances and Rose in 2013. Having studied in Fine Art and Instillation Practices Marianne moved onto a career in Interior Design, enjoying expanding on her knowledge of colour, styling, pattern and textiles as well as industry and retail practices.


It wasn't until a chance afternoon class with her mother brought flowers into her hands that Marianne discovered her place in the creative world, and in the February of 2013 signing up to a simple 'flower arranging' course was all it took to spark a passion in Marianne that she couldn't even describe, and with that she was hooked.

Not long after this first floral discovery, Marianne began experimenting with mixing seasonal blooms into her arrangements, mostly out of curiosity and a love of the garden where she had grown up at her childhood home in the Peak District. Working from her mothers kitchen table, Marianne would pop out to the beautiful space and raid the roses, sweet peas and herbs from her childhood playground. Noticing how much more she loved the arrangements once the softer, more delicate blooms were added,(not to mention the amazing scent) was enough to propel the direction of this fledgling business in a whole new direction... British seasonal flowers.

Since that moment everything Marianne has achieved has been down to her passion and determination to discover new ways of expressing her art through flowers, flower growing and embracing the seasons in her beautiful part of the world.

Fast forward seven years and Frances and Rose have gone from strength to strength, establishing themselves in the flower farming community and expanding from the small cutting garden at home to a plot of land nestled in a sheltered walled garden. They pride themselves on being innovative, imaginative and creative, with Marianne expanding her skills and techniques every year.