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Frances & Rose is home to floral designer, writer and artist Marianne Slater.


Marianne is passionate about creativity, the beauty of flowers and colours and seasonal living - something she wants to share with everyone.

Marianne believes that everyone is creative, and that given the time, materials and encouragement, anyone can create beauty from their own mind - and find peace along the way.

Marianne has over 10 years experience in the design industry and nearly a decade behind the helm of a successful business in the wedding industry. During this time Marianne has nurtured her style, much like she does her produce, to create effortless beauty in everything she does.



Our wild, country garden style rambles throughout our designs, picking up on texture, tone and scent. We only use British flowers in our arrangements, this is reflected in the immense variety displayed in our work.


Soft grasses, delicate, dainty flowers, unusual seed heads, exquisitely ruffled blooms all pulled together with  handfuls of lush greenery. We use gentle colour palettes, thoughtfully chosen vessels and the finest naturally dyed silks and linens to style our designs.


We are committed to sustainability, and when it comes to our flowers and design practices we are striving to be as eco-conscious as possible.

Our promises:

To only use British grown, seasonal flowers for all of our events and workshops and to promote their prominence far and wide

To only use 'foam free' design practices for all of or arrangements and to keep single use plastics out of our studio

To source our props and styling materials from other businesses and makers who support sustainability at their core

To compost all our green waste

To celebrate the bounty of the seasons above all else

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