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The Creative Cure

Welcome to The Creative Cure - the podcast for creative explorers. Do you have a creative soul but not sure how to express yourself? Well then this is the podcast for you. As a visual artist, author, photographer, flower faffer, business owner and a woman on a mission to bring everyone's creativity to life - I’m talking to some of the most creative people I know, asking them where their creativity comes from, how it shows up for them in all aspects of their lives and hopefully inspiring you to find your own Creative Cure along the way.


Episode 1 - Get to know me

In this, the very first episode, I’ve flipped what will be the regular format of the podcast on its head. Usually you’ll hear me chatting to other creatives, getting their background and talking all things creativity within their lives, but today I’ve asked my lovely friend Lauren O'Sullivan to put me in the hot seat so you can all find out a bit more about ME.

Episode 2 - Kathryn Taylor

In this episode I'm chatting to creative queen Kathryn Taylor all about her journey into a creative career and a life spent following the magic of her craft, whatever iteration it may take. We also talk about stretchy pants and the funny realisation that people do different things.


Episode 3 - Susanna Greening

 In this episode I'm speaking to the wonderful Susanna Greening as we talk all about her journey and the interesting mix of being creative but also having a very technical brain. Loved chatting to Susie, and listen out for some exciting news from her at the end!

Episode 4 - Claire Selman

In this episode I'm joined by my old friend Claire is an artist and heritage professional who lives and works in Wiltshire. She studied Interdisciplinary Art and Design at University (where we actually met) and also has a Masters degree in Heritage Management. Claire made the (brave) decision to take a break from her full time job as a Visitor Services Officer at a Town Museum to focus on her art practice. Since then, she’s been building her portfolio and skill set has now decided to embark on a specific printmaking course to further her range of techniques. Claire uses her love of locations, history, architecture and nature to bring the places she sees to life.


Episode 5 - Daisy Lee-Overton

In this episode I am joined by Daisy, a jewellery designer and maker, who specialises in hosting creative workshops, enabling her clients to create one off, bespoke, memorable pieces. Daisy is also secondary school art teacher. I've talked at length with previous guests about studying art at school and how we haven't always felt we were deemed very "good" at it, and I thought that, as well as delving a little into Daisys own creative practice, that hearing about her journey to becoming a teacher and how she tries to encourage her students within the boundaries of a curriculum would be a fascinating crossover.

Episode 6 - Lauren Barber

Today's guest is Lauren Barber, a lifestyle content creator and brand specialist working and living in the Peak District. Lauren works with small businesses, capturing the story of their brand and also teaching others how to style, capture and tell stories through their own imagery. Lauren and I have known each other for 7 years after finding each other through a photography workshop and immediately hitting it off. We've been through the ups and downs of running our respective businesses as well as a few life milestones as well and remained firm friends throughout.

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