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The Creative Cure

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Welcome to my belated blog post about my brand new PODCAST, which is about 4 weeks after the first episode came out, but better late than never. I've worked really hard on trying to ditch the idea that it's all got to be polished and fancy immediately and keep saying to my self done is better than perfect. I'm still not sure it's loading in all the places I want it to and I've found out that someone else has made a podcast with a very similar name launching the same month 🙈 but what the heck, it's going to be ok and I just want to share it with the world!

So, what's it all about I hear you cry?!

It's called The Creative Cure, and ideally it is aiming to be just that - a cure, a balm, a safe space - for creativity to bloom and be explored, in all its many forms. For this first series (I think I want to do more!) I've been chatting to some of my super creative friends, interviewing them on their journey and background a bit, but also going in a bit deeper with some of the challenges and questions that we're trying to answer with our own creativity. I want to demystify 'the creative person' a bit, we're not these magical other worldly beings who are innately arty, our creativity shows up in so many forms. What I might find easy, or more importantly what I might enjoy will be totally different from someone I'm interviewing, but we still are able to articulate and communicate with and through each others creativity. I want to show people who deem themselves 'not creative' that it shows up in so many varied forms that there is no right or wrong way, rules be damned, and to inspire everyone to make time for their creativity.

Creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it will be and the more you'll know what input it needs to thrive. You'll know what to feed it, when to rest it and how to bring about the best results just by doing it. I feel those who shy away from their urge to be creative can find it daunting to start, worrying to know where to begin and anxious that their efforts 'won't be good enough', but what even is 'good enough' when it comes to just enjoying yourself? Isn't joy in creating a success in itself?

In this podcast I'm hoping to explore all the ways in which we hold ourselves back from our creative potential, as well as ways in which seasoned creatives bring about hitting their goals and dreams. It's never a straightforward journey and its actually in the doing and the messy bits that we more often than not find our creative freedom.

There are currently 4 episodes out in the world with numbers 5 and 6 on the horizon... so what are you waiting for, time to get listening!

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