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A Trip to Switzerland

I have just returned from a lovely trip to Basel in Switzerland, a beautiful city full of colour and character. I was with old friends and the atmosphere of relaxation and laughter was just what I needed after the never ending barrage of work on top of work. It was one of those trips that felt like a breath of fresh air and we saw things that just about blow your mind.

The highlight for me was a trip to see the Iger, one of the mountains in the Alps. Arriving in the town of Grindlewald after snaking through the traditional Swiss chalet houses to board a cable car trundleing towards the summit. The views were so spectacular I've never seen the likes, I felt small and fragile and amazed by the lush greenery that comes back to life every year despite the entire place usually being covered in snow. It was powerful and beautiful.

We ate shnitzel and drank wine with the most incredible view of the mountains and then walked our way down and closer to the face of the Iger. The alpine wild flowers took my breath away and I got giddy excited over the discovery of a tiny astrantia in pure, snowy white. I've never seen them growing wild and I just squealed about it. The noises around me were so calming, the cows all wear bells, and hearing them ringing gently against the back drop of the peaceful mountain was so therapeutic. I wanted ti sit and breathe it all in for a few hours, but the cafe was calling and we sat down for hot chocolate and apple strudel before riding the cog train back to the basin of Grindlewald.

I don't think I'm even doing it justice!!

The trip was just what I needed, new food, old friends and exploring, I even floated down the Rhine! I'm now hungry to go back but this time with slightly more German under my belt... I am no linguist

but this trip has inspired me to at least try.

I would highly recommend Switzerland!!

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