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I'm Marianne, I'm an artist, photographer, author, floral designer and creative consultant working and living in South Yorkshire/Derbyshire.

With 11 years experience in the floral industry running my own wedding and event business, in 2023 I made the decision to move away from my business and follow my heart to pursue a more creative and connected artistic life.

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My Story

My journey began with a focus on art, where I studied textiles, ceramics, photography, and sculpture. This passion culminated in earning my Art and Design degree in 2012. By a happy accident, I found myself drawn to floristry, learning the craft and business aspects on my own. I built a business I was incredibly proud of, embracing the British Flowers movement at the very beginning, competing with traditional florists, and championing the Grown Not Flown agenda.

In 2022, I released my first book, 'Cut Flower Growing.' It felt like I had poured a decade's worth of knowledge and experience into its pages, making the process cathartic and marking a turning point in my life. A new chapter (if you'll excuse the pun).

After completing my final wedding earlier this year, I transitioned to freelancing in various fields such as writing, photography, marketing, and floristry. My art practice continues to evolve alongside these projects, and I'm excited about where this journey will take me. While I have workshops on the agenda, I'm also opening my life to new opportunities.

Through this journey, I've gained invaluable insights into creativity, business management, branding, photography, values, and authenticity. I'm eager to share these lessons and collaborate with others on their creative paths. I'm fully committed to finding joy in all aspects of my life and work, and to helping others shape their own creative journeys.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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